Zeus and the Establishment of Power

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sided with Zeus in Titanomachy; legendary creator of the human race, patron and benefactor of humankind. Most humane and humanistic of the Gods
After the defeat of the Giants, Ge bore this monster in her fury who was so frightening that all of the other gods fled to Egypt and disguised themselves as animals (Greek explanation for Egyptian gods). Zeus was left alone on Mount Olympus, The monster retreated to a mountain in Syria (West Zeus vs. East monster). At one point, the two wrestled and the monster stole muscles of Zeus and hid them under a dragon; Zeus sent Hermes to steal them back. The monster threw mountains at Zeus, who threw the island of Sicily (West) where the belches of the monster become the eruptions of Mount Etna.
•Zeus disguised himself and visited Arcadia. This man resisted to believe Zeus was a god (resistance to Zeus worship). He tried to test whether Zeus was a God by testing omniscience – fixed a feast with flesh of his son or grandson into the stew to see if Zeus would eat it. Zeus recognized this, overturned the table, destroyed his palace, and turns him into a wolf (symbolizing his bloodthirsty behavior
Baucis and Philemon
Zeus and Hermes travelling in disguise; sought shelter close to nightfall. All but this elderly couple in a tiny hut turned them away. Without much money, food, or large space to stay, this couple was open and generous in entertaining these strangers. They only had one bottle of wine, but it stayed full; the bread basket never seemed to empty. From this, they realized they must be in the presence of gods. Rewarded by having their house turned into a temple; their wish was to both die at the same time, that neither should have to live without the other. Turned into two trees planted (Oak and Linden) next to the shrine after their death. Everyone else in the valley where punished with a flood and wiped out.
Deucalion and Pyrrha
They built a boat and floated for nine days and nights and landed on a mountain to watch the flood waters recede. They consulted the Oracle of Delphi (Themis or Ge/Gaia) who told them that they could repopulate the world by throwing the bones of their mother over their shoulders – throwing stones over their shoulder.
Mesopotamia also had a great flood myth. This is most likely where the flood mythology originated.
Same as Typhoeus/Typhon
Zeus is even angrier that Prometheus has tricked him. Thus, Zeus gives the gift of women to men. The first woman was this woman (name meaning all gifts), supposedly given a gift from all of the Gods to make her beautiful. She was also given a sealed jar and not told what the contents. Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus (after thought) married her. Give birth to Pyrrha, the first woman. Out of curiosity, open the jar and out come all of the evils of the world: hunger, famine, flood, wind, drought, war, sickness, old age, etc. Epimetheus realized after the fact (after thought) that this was a bad idea.

Woman is a double-edged gift: pretty but can cause problems. Similar to Adam and Eve story

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