Vocab unit eight

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 1. Abnormal

Unit 8

 -(adj.)not usual, not typical, strage


SYN:freakish, unnatural, irregular, anomalous

ANT: normal, usual, regular, typical


-The abnormal fish swan upside-down and backwards, unlike all of the other fish.

 2. Capsize

Unit 8

(v.) to turn bottom side up, upset
-SYN: overturn, upend, tip over
-ANT: remain upright
-As the boat hit the large rock in the river, it capsized, pulling down the passengers inside.

 3. Catastrophe

Unit 8

-(n.) a large- scale disaster, misfourtune, or failure
-SNY: calamity, tragedy, cataclysm
-ANT: triumph, victory, success
– Jill could tell it was a catastrophe when all of the books stared to fall of the shelves.

4. Decrease

Unit 8

-(v.) to become or make less; (n.) a lessening
-SYN: (v.) lessen, reduce, dwindle, diminsh
-ANT:(v.) increase, grow, develop, wax
– After Daisy’s fever started to decrease, so did her head ache.

5. Disputatious

Unit 8

-(adj.) inclined to argue or debate; provoking debate
-SYN: argumentative, quarrelsome, contentious
-ANT: nonargumentative, peacable, pacific
– The disputatious child argued with his mother.

6. Eject

Unit 8

-(v.) to drive or throw out, evict
-SYN: oust, expel, kick out
-ANT: admit, let in, insert
– Make sure to eject the casset before getting out of the car.

;7. Flourish

Unit 8

(v.) to grow, thrive, be prosperous; to wave in the air; (n.) a dramatic gesture; a fanfare of horns
-SYN: (v.) prosper, burgeon, increase
-ANT: (v.) wither, die, fade, shrivel up
-The fertilized flower began to flourish quickly.

;8. Incentive

Unit 8

-(n.) a reason for doing something; something that stimulates action
-SYN: stimulus, spur, motive, inducement
-ANT: curb, check, restraint, hindrance
– The teacher’s incentive for all of us to do good on the test was a movie day.

9. Insubordinate

Unit 8

-(adj.) disobedient, rebellious
-SYN:defiant, unruly, mutinous
-ANT: obedient, submissive, docile, tractable
-The insubordinate dog barked for 5 minutes while outside even though he was told not to.

 10. Legible

Unit 8

-(adj.) easily read
-SYN: readable, clear, decipherable
-ANT: unreadable, indecipherable
-The hand writing was very legible so it was easy to read the story.

 11. Nub

Unit 8

-(n.) the cenral point or heart of a matter; a knob
-SYN: core, kernel, nucleus, crux
-ANT: fringe, periphery, edge
– The nub was almost imporssible to turn because it was greasy.

12. Onslaught

Unit 8

(n.) a violent attack; a sudden rush of something
-SYN: assault, charge, foray, onset
-ANT: none
– The onslaught of dogs attacked at the same time.

 13. Ordain

Unit 8

-(v.) to establish by law; to order or command; to appoint as a priest or minister; to destine
-SYN: anoint, consecrate, enact, decree
-ANT: forbid, veto, cancel
– The priest was ordained a minister at my grandmother’s church last year.


Unit 8

-(v.) to get ahead of, do better than, exceed
-SYN: outdo, outperform, outdistance, surpass
-ANT: trail, lag behind
– After getting extra credit for adding pictures to her report, Jenny finally outstriped Jeff grade wise.

;15. Pervade

Unit 8

-(v.) to spread throughout
-SYN: saturate, permeate, diffuse, imbue
-ANT: none
-Pervade the cards so we can see all of the pictures.

;16. Purdent

Unit 8

-(adj.) cautious, careful, showing good sense
SYN: wary, sensible, judicious
-ANT: foolish, unwise, rash, reckless
– Make sure that you make purdent decisions towards being alone in the city.

;17. Quench

Unit 8

-(v.) to put out, extinguish, end
-SYN: douse, stifle, slake
-ANT: ignite, kindle
-Quench your thirst and have some water.

;18. Remnant

Unit 8

-(n.) a small part remaining behind
-SYN: remainder, residue, leftover, fragment
ANT: none
– There was hardly any remnant food left on the plate so they didn’t bring it home

 19. Simultaneous

Unit 8

-(adj.) happening or existing at the same time
-SYN: occurring at the same time, concurrent
ANT: occurring at different times
– The two best friends said, "What time is it?" simultaneously.

 20. Swerve

Unit 8

-(v.) to turn aside sharply; (n.) a sharp or sudden turn
-SYN: (v.) veer, digress, sheer off
-ANT: none
– As the dear ran out infront of the car, the driver had to swerve out of the way inorder to not hit it.

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