Part III – Philosophy and Theology

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a fortiori
from the stronger (reason)
a minori
from the lesser (reason)
a posteriori
from the latter (reason)
a priori
from the former (reason)
ad hoc
for this (purpose)
aequo animo
with even mind; calmly
alter ego
another I
alter idem
a second self; another I
amicus humani generis
friend of the human race
amor patriae
love of country
aurea mediocritas
the golden mean
casus belli
opportunity for war
cum grano salis
with a grain of salt
de facto
from the (actual) fact
de gustibus non est disputandum
concerning taste, it ought not to be disputed
de jure
from right (law)
something desired/needed

something said;

an opinion

cogito ergo sum.

I think, therefore I am.


malum in se
bad in itself
an error
errare humanum est
to err is human
est modus in rebus
there  is (always) a proper measure in things
ex animo
from the heart
ex cathedra
from the (pope’s) throne
exceptio probat regulam (de rebus non exceptis)

The exception proves the rule (as to things not excepted)

(Most people make A’s in his class…that one kid who failed makes their good grades obvious!)

exceptis excipiendis

with the things excepted that should be excepted

(if one makes the necessary exceptions)

ex officio
from one’s office
expressio unius est exclusio alterius
Express mention of one implied the exclusion of the other.

gnothi sauton

(gnothi sauton)

Know thyself.

(written on the entryway to the oracle of Apollo at Delphi)

hominis est errare

It is mans’ nature to err.

(the Roman comic playwright, Terence)

Homo sapiens
intelligent (wise) human
in limine
on the threshold
in parte
in part
in toto
in entirety; completely
in vino veritas
In wine there is truth.
inter alios
among other (persons)
inter nos
between (or among) us
inter se
among themselves
ipsissima verba
the very words themselves
ipso facto
by the very fact
ira furor brevis est
anger is a brief madness

meden agan

(meden agan)

Nothing in excess.
medio tutissimus ibis
by the middle course, you will go most safely
mutatis mutandis
with things changed that should be changed
ne quid nimis
nothing in excess
non constat
it (an account) does not agree (or balance)
non libet
it is not pleasing (to me)
non licet
it is not permitted
non (nil) obstante
not withstanding
non sequitur
it does not follow
omnia vincit veritas (amor)
truth (love) conquers all
per accidens
by accident
per se
by itself
it pleases
post hoc ergo propter hoc
after this therefore on account of it

quod erat demonstrandum


which was to be proved

(statement at the end of a mathematical proof)

quod erat faciendum
which was to be done
quod semper, quod ubique, quod ab omnibus
what (has been held) always, everywhere and by everybody
rara avis
a rare bird
reductio ad absurdum
reduction to absurdity
secundum naturam
according to nature
similia similibus curantur
Like things are cured by like.
similis simili gaudet
Like takes pleasure in like.
sine qua non
without which (it is) not (possible)
status quo (ante)
standing where it was (before)
sui generis
of her (or her) own kind
summum bonum
highest good
suum cuique
to each his own
tabula rasa
blank slate
terminus ad quem

point to which

(in time or place)

terminus a quo

point from which 

(in time or place)

terra incognita

unknown land

(on early maps)

una voce
in one voice
uno animo

with one mind

(in agreement)

ut mos est
as is the custom
verbum sat sapienti (est)
a word to the wise is sufficient
via media
the middle path
volens nolens

willing or not willing


fear of forests
fear of insects
fear of medicine
fear of thunder
fear of the number “13”
fear of hair
fear of sin
fear of poison
fear of the wind
fear of the sea
fear of blushing
fear of glass
killing one’s brother
killing one’s father
killing the environment
killing grass
killing an absolute ruler
killing fungi
killing a king
killing life
killing seeds

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