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1868 election

heracio seymore

u.s. grant rep. war hero

heracio seymore dem.

dem. and rep. motto in 1868 election
rep. let us have peace

dem. this is a white mans govt.

sent x grant to stop kkk violence and scandals in government took attention away from civil rights issues
spoils system
bribing and favoritism to get gvt jobs
civil rights act 1875
charles sumner-prohibited descrimination in transportation and public amusement

was okayed in juries but not in privatley owned that werent owned by fed govt

15th amendment
1870, technically allowed the right to vote to blackmen
south made poll taxes and literacy tests to make it hard for blacks to vote
election of 1876
hays-rep. won by 1 elc. vote

dirty/stolen election. guns to make people vote certain way.

compromise 1877
hays….to make mad democrats happy. he promise to take troops outa the south
plessy furguson case
1896- supreme court declared segregation constitutional

“separate but equal”
can still separate blacks and white as long as there is equal buses etc for each race

republicans split to

democrats split to


north and south

1881 assassinated
became prez after grafeild assass. was first dem. elected for long time
agrarian revolt
famers werent being represesnted in congress.

falling prices-overproduction
high bank mortgages
railroad and grain elevator monopolies

grange movement
cooperation and lower competition btw farmers
granger laws. munn vs. illinois case
1877. state can regulate private property prices if the property is devoted to public use
mary e lease
grow less corn and more hell

alliance summer. womans rights and unions

peoples party- apealed to farmers class

currency back by silver rather than gold
increase money supply
direct election of senators x people

election 1896
william jennings bryan
cross of gold-speech

gave him nomination for dem. prez

wiliam allen whites
whats the matter with kansas-helped mckinley win “gold over silver”
inion and cetral pacific met in promotory point,utah

americans first major industry
chinese and irish immigrant workers

BIG 4 $
mark hopkins
charles crocker
colis hunington
leland stanford
cornelius vanderbuilt
joined railroad companies. enterprise 1860-70s
telegraph cable
1866 conected us to europe
alexander grambell
phone 1876
george eastmen
kodak camera
tom edison
light bulb,telegraph,mimiograph, motion picture camera
john d rockafeller
standard oil company

-vertical integration
-holding company

andrew carnegie
steel empire in pitts. 40million/yr

corporations should give money to public for pools,parks, and hospitals, libraries

jp morgan
king of consolidations
at&t gen electric int. harvester

bought out carnegies steel empire 450$mil

-mass production assembly line
-steel instead of wood and bricks
-inequality of wealth
-standard of living goes up
social darminism
human social natural selection
rich vs. poor
herbert spencer
social darminist. no middle class. poor will slowly fade out
william grahm sumner
social darwinist.
gvt is gettin in the way of how social and economin should develop naturally. let strong survive
essay”absurd effort to make the world over”
russel conwell
social darwinist
minister-Acres of Diamonds lecture
you can get rich if you believe
gospel of wealth
carnegie wrote to encourage philanthropy
horacio alger
unitarian minister –
popularized rags to riches
barber barons
opposed captains of the industry
economic system which large businesses and major companies are government owned and controlled. personal income is monitored (taxes)
henry george
proposed tax for railroads who were gettin prime land along railroads. common man oculdnt get prime land.


edward bellamy-
“looking backward”
describes classless society utopia 2000
cultural changes due to industrialization
immigration from europe
chicago polish
califnorina racial against chinese
workin mens party of california – unions
1900s salaries etc
21c an hour
20% women in factories
20% were wage earners
5 million women in workforce
100 deaths
panic of 73
hays sent in fed troops to break up strike
kights of labor
first industrial labor union. 1869
numbers dropped when radicals came in…?
samuel gomper
head of american federation of labor. 8hr days women and men equal pay etc. safety
spanish american war
makes america a world power
some wanted an american empire with colonies
the flag of a republic forever
flag of an empire never
alfred thayer mahans
navy-wrote book- influence of sea power upon history

naval build up.

revolt in cuba
cuba libre revolutionary movement of jose marti. independence from spain
spanish sent him to cuba to act as a gov. There was tons of killings.
yellow journalism
exagerate emotional stories about the atrocities in cuba. people who were for the rebellion were gettin killed
william hearst
new york journal…yellow journalism
joseph pullitzer
new york world. promoted anti weyler with stories
delome letter
spanish ambassador wrote letter critizisign mckinley. got discovered. It was published in hearsts new york journel. de lome resigns
sinking of uss maine
mckinley sent the battle ship to havanna bay cuba. blew up mysteriously killed 260 men.


cuban revolution
yellow journalism
delome letter
atier teller ammendment
prohibits annexation of cuba. no take over by us. military presence but no take over
naval blockade of cuba
after spain promised to get out. mckliny ordered naval blockade.
declarations of war
spain declares war on april 24,1898
us congress declares war on april 25 but makes it retroactive to the 21st
end of war and its outcome

war heroes


cubans on our side

battle of manilla bay
george dewey
theodore roosevelt
san juan hill
urban areas. regulated capitalism
industrial reform
more government regulation
exposing corruption through books journals etc.
ladies home journal
exposed medical fraud
ida tarbells
history of the standard oil company
uptain sinclair
the jungle unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the meat packing industry
pure food and drug act
meat inspection act
1907 lead to fda
jane adams
social work. assist poor and immigrants to get jobs and hull house housing > kids off streets
margarat sanger
new york city nurse. birth control. to lighten overcrowded cities
social gospel movement
churches involved in protecting children. and working man. cleaning up cities.
washington gladden
walter rausenbush
churches involved in cleaing up the city
john dewey
educational reform.
progressive education
child centered approach to learning
pragmatist- practical approach to learning
temperance movement
no alc.

womans christian temperance union
anti saloon leagues

alice paul
led 5000 woman protest for womans sufrage
19th amendment
women right to vote
gambling bans
child labor
moral reform
16th amendment
federal income tax
17 amendment
direct election of us senators
18th amendment
prohibition of alcohol
allied power
england france russia
central powers
ottoman empire
reasons for us to join war
violation of freedom of the seas
england blockaded trade between us and germany
sinking of the lusitania
threat to US by…

we declare war

april 6 1917


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