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what is artemis the goddess of? 7
the hunt
unmarried girls
young animals
youth m/f
what are the attributes of artemis? 5
short skirt
boots on
bow and quiver
hunting dogs
who is she always with? 3 people/things
a posse of nymphs (all virgins). Selene. Hecate.
who is selene?
the goddess of the moon
who is hecate?
the goddess of nighttime and magic (later witchcraft)
what is a pontitheron?
artemis in the middle with animals on each side
who is actaeon?
a guy who liked hunting and saw artemis bathing. she turns him into a deer and his dogs eat him
who is callisto?
a nymph with artemis.
zeus rapes her.
she is pregnant and kicked out of the posse
the gives birth to arkas
turned into a bear
turned into a constellation
who is arkas?
callistos son
about to hunt his mom but then zeus turns him into a bear
becomes a constellation
who is orioN?
tries to rape artemis
is stung by a scorpion
both he, the scorpion and his dog sirrius get turned into constellations
where is the biggest temple to artemis?
who is orioN?
tries to rape artemis
is stung by a scorpion
both he, the scorpion and his dog sirrius get turned into constellations
where is the biggest temple to artemis?
who is orioN?
tries to rape artemis
is stung by a scorpion
both he, the scorpion and his dog sirrius get turned into constellations
where is the biggest temple to artemis?
artemis is sometimes referred to as having 3 parts…what are they?
selene-the sky
artemis-the earth
hecate-the underworld
in what period do greek philosophers begin to quesion their gods and the roles they play?
th archaic period
who is euripities and what century was he alive?
one of the 3 big greek dramatists
the 5th century
when does the hopoloist take place/who wrote it?
euripities. written in the 4th year of the peloponesion war
athens has a better navy and the spartans had a better army. t/f
what was peracles’s strategy?
to wait in the city while the spartans came and beat them when they were sailing home
why did peracle’s strategy fail?
when the city was walled up a plague broke out and a ton of people died
where is the place that the greeks retreated to?
where does Hyppolotis take place?
in Hyppolotis who is Thesius?
the king of athens
in Hyppolotis who is Hyppolotis?
the son of king thesius and stepson of thaeta
in Hyppolotis who is Thaeta?
King troisons wife
who falls in love with hyppolotis in the play?
why does hyppolotis reject thaeta in the play?
because he has pledged chastity to artemis
what does thaeta do when she is rejected?
she hangs herself with a note saying that hyp. tried to rape her.
after thaeta kills herself who does thesius pray to and why?
posideon. to kill hyppolotis
how is hyppolotis killed?
by a wave with a bull in it
how does the play hippolytus begin and end?
begins with a monologue by aphrodite
ends with a monologue by artemis
what message is the play hippolytus conveying?
that bad things happen when you lead an ‘incomplete life’
ie. when your life is on an extreme the universe will fix it…or kill you..?
who is anaxagorious and who did he teach? 2
a greek philosopher
taught euripidies and pericles
what was anaxagorious tried for?
athiesm and impiety
what were the 4 main ideas of anaxagorious?
1. what is truth2. apperances arent reality but are linked to it
3. in everything there is a portion of something, except nuce-its only in some things
4. we realize things when they are contrasted by their opposite
what is nuce?
what is the main tenet of hippolytis and anaxagorious?
mind controls and balances forces. if we dont balance ourselves nature will do it for us.
what is dionysis the god of? 5
wine, vegetation, fertility, ecstacy, mysticism
what are his attributes? 6
vine leaves, longhair, ivy crown, thirsis, leopard skin,cup
what is Ekstasis?
ecstacy/Dionysis’s religion
what is ereitheos?
the god within – kind of like modern day trancendentalism. it was the point of worshipping dionys
what are saytyrs?
boys in dionysis posse
what are maenads?
girls in dionysis entourage
where did the idea of dionysis come from?
who are dionysis parents?
zeus and semele
story of the birth of dionysis. go.
semle wants to see zeus. she sees him and gets fried. fetal dio is on the floor. zeus sews him into his thigh. he is born. awesome.
why does dionysis go into disguise alot?
to see who is disrespecting him/says he isnt a god
who is Adriane?
dionysis wife
story of how adriane meets dionysis. go.
she helps thesius with the minotaur. thesius leaves her on an island and forgets about her. dio comes by and makes her immortal and marries her
origin of dolphins?
dionysis is disrespected by sailors while sailing in disguise and turns them into dolphins.
what the heck is the bacchi? aka by who? and concerning what?
a play by eurupides.
about dionysis wreaking havoc in his hometown.
From the Bacchi, who is:
1. king of the town/dios cousin
2. a blind seer can see future
3. tenthius g-pa and believes dio is a god
how did tiresius become blind? 3 stories
1. saw athena bathing. turned him blind then felt bad and gave him gifts.
2. zeus and hera debate who has better sex. ti was a woman and a man so they ask him. he says women (two endings to this)
A: zeus is mad blinds him and hera gives him gifts
B: hera’s ladylike sensibilities are offended and blinds him but still gives him gifts cause she won
what is penthius’s fate?
dionysis gets him drunk. he goes up to see the mynads in the mtns disguised as a girl. he climbs a tree and they see his man business, uproot the tree,and rip him apart b/c hes a guy.
what is might vs right? and what play does it come from?
the Bacchi. it is the debate between “i am in power and therefore i am right” and “just because you can doesnt mean its right”
The island of Milos in the discussion of might vs. right. what happened?
“might” wanted to ‘pillage the athenians village’ and all that entails, but “right” stopped them. Later the Athenians wanted the mileans to join their side of a war. they said no were neutral. in anger the athenians pillaged the mileans village, and all that entails.
the consequeces of denying a god and nature are shown in what play?
the bacchi
what is hades? what is his other name?
Hell/ the god of hell. Pluto
who is persephone?
hades wife
who is charon?
farryman across the river styx
who are the avengers of crimes? (mostly on murderers souls)
the furies
how is tartarus different than hades?
tartarus is the hell of hells…were the worst go
what is tantalus’s story?
gave gods stew out of his son pelopus.
stands in water with fruit tree above.
crazy hungry and thirsty.
when stoops to drink the water recedes.
when reach for fruit the branch goes up.
story of sysyphus.
in tartarus pushing the rock up the hill endlessly
who is ixion?
tries to seduce hera
tied to wheel
rolls around hades
yeah ixion rollin like a big shot.
tityus. go.
tries to seduce leto.
strech him over an acre.
vulture pecks away at his liver.
danaids. go.
50 sisters in arranged marriages.
49 kill their husbands wedding night.
have to fill a vat with water and only have sieves
myth of er. who is er? what was his special task?
er dies in a war.
12 days later he comes back to life.
task is to tell what hades is like.
what is the river lethe?
river of forgetfulness. souls drink from it before reincarnaion. (er didnt have to)
what do the dead need to get across the river styx? 2 things.
to be buried. and to have two coins.
who is aneas?
dies in trojan war
he sees tartarus and the elysian fields
new idea of heaven and hell and life cycle. go.
based on ‘goodness’ of your life you go to heaven or hades
after 1000 years you choose if you will lead a good or bad life and are reincarnated
the goal is to be so good you dont have to be reincarnated again
3 things demeter is goddess o?
rain agriculture marriage
who is triptolomus?
DEMETER Teaches him to farm
quickie version of persephones side of the story?
picking flowers. hades pops out of the ground and drags her to hell. shes stuck there because she ate a pomegranite seed. is there1/3 of the year when she comes back its spring
what is demeters side of the persephone storythings to know. 2 gods she runs into.
what city does she disguise herself in?
hears screaming and finds that P is missing. wanders for 9 days and finds HECATE who saw but wont tell. on the 10th day she finds HELIOS who tells her. mad at zeus and disguises herself as a mortal. goes to ELUSIS and sits at well. royal fam takes her in. she tries to make prince immortal but queen finds out and freaks. D instructs the fam to build a temple then she would reveal things later. Z tries to get her attention then finally bargins out getting P for 2/3 of the year.
what did demeter do to make the prince immortal?
feeds ambrosia and burns out the mortaliy
what is the food and drink of the gods?
ambrosia and nectar
what drink does demeter ask for?
what is xenos?
the custom of taking strangers in
why does zeus agree to let Perseph. back?
because there are no offerings since demeter is gone
what does disguised demeter call herself?
first mystery religion. what god/ess did it deal with?
who could join the mysery religions? what did this do to society? what did they promise?
anyone initiated.
slave and master equals in it-caused unrest and tention in normal world.
better life after death.
who are orpheus’s parents? who is he? who is his wife?
1 of the 9 muses and apollo or a king.
best musician ever.
married to eurydice
how does euridice die?
snake bite
what does Orpheus do to get back Eury?
goes to hell. enchants Hades with song. can bring E back if he doesnt look back. they walk up together, she falls a bit behind when O gets to the top shes not there yet. he looks back. E goes to hell.
what does Orpheus do on earth after the E. fiasco?
turns gay. goes to mountans. all the men of a town follow him. their wives are angry. they rip O apart. his head floats down a river to the island of Lesbos and is bitten by a snake. apollo turns the head and the snake to stone.
what two gods is Orpheus linked to an why?
apollo-music. prophecy. magic.
dionyses-teaching mysteries. ripped apart.
orpheism. t/f
1. do they eat meat2. reincarnation3.universe came from a stone5. who is the connection with math?
3.f-an egg
what is soma sama?
soma-body. sama-message or tomb.
body is a tomb/emblem of the soul
what city does pythagorean help win olympics?
what type of stories are set between 1500 and 1100 bc/
what 3 places do greek ledgends take place in?
1. pelopones
2. greek mainland
3. outskirts of greece (troy. crete)
who is europa? who is her son? who is her sons father?
a phonecian woman.
cadmus’s story. go
looking for europa(her bro)
founds a city after oracle tells him to make one where a cow is. kills a snake at the well. ares pet-1 year of service to ares. marreis harmonia. has daughters (semele…etc.)
Laius’s story go.
cadmus’s son. exiled when hes about to assume throne. abducts oe of PELOP’s sons. pelops curses him. Laius gets home but finds out his son is destined to kill him.
Oedipus’ story. go.
born to Jocasta and Laius. sent to die at birth but is given to king of corinth. O tries to find his real parents. is told he will kill his dad an marry mom. road rage=kills dad unknowingly. figures out sphynx’s queston and prize is to marry the queen aka mom. kingdom is cursed. oedipus say he will drive it out not knowing its him. he finds out who is who. Jocasta hangs herself. O spoons out eyes.
who is sophocles? what did he write?
3rd of the 3 great greek playwrites.
discussion of the oedipus’s story?
is it always good to know the truth? are there some things we shouldent know?
oedipus at pholonus. (spelling is prob way off…sorry!)
wise old man. thesius (king of athens) takes him in. before O dies he arranges for his 2 sons to trade off the kingship. they get mad. end up kiling each other.
oedipus’s daughter. creon says no one can buryhis broter. she buries him. C seals A in a cave so she will die. C’s son is in love with A. C’s son kills himself. C’s wife kills herself when she finds out.
sons of 7 heroes. go.
there is a war. the sons win and demolish Thebes. THE END!
story of hercs conception.
zeus appears to alchmene as her husband. hence herc
what does Hera do to try and kill herc early on?
sends elethuea away. sends 2 snakes into his crib. makes him kill wife and 3 daughters
what does herc get when he kills a lion?
to sleep with the kings 50 daughters. all in one night or one night apiece – debatable
who gives Hercules the tasks?
Eurethiys – his uncle
where do the first 6 of hercs tasks take place? where do the last 6 take place? why?
in the pelopenesis
outside of it
-probably because he gained reconition furher and further away from home
task 1: nemean lion. go.
impenetrable lion. hurc clubs/strangles it. takes its skin and wears it
task 2: Hydra of Myrhna. go.
1 of the 9 heads is immortal. cuts of a head and 2 grow back. gets help and has someone torch the stump when he cuts off a head so they cant grow back.
dips arrows in its blood – poison
task 3: Cerrean Hind. go
golden horns. sacred to artemis. takes it, runs into artemis, she says its ok
task 4: arementhian boar. go.
he bring it back alive.
on the way finds centaurs who assult him and he shoots them with poison arrows. immortal and angry. makes enemy with Chyron
task 5: aleudian stables. go.
clean the stables in one day. he diverts a river to clean them. the king goes back on promise so hurc kills him and beins the olympics
Task 6: stymphylan birds.go.
athena gives him castonets to allure them and he kills them.
task 7: cretan bull. go.
promised to posdeon by king minos. he kills it.
task 8: Mares of diometes. go.
D. was given human eating horses. H has to get the horses. he feeds D. to his horses, tames them, and takes them home
task 9: girdle of Hyppolita
has to get it from H (queen of the amazons) kills her. jerk.
task 10: cattle of geryon. go
3 headed monster with 2 head dog and giant guard the cattle. helios gives him a golden cup to float home in
task 11: apples of te Hespires. go.
asks atlas where they are. he hands him the world and gets them then bails. Herc tricks him back into holding it
task 12: hound of hell. go.
cerebus. athena aids him to go to hell. and hermes. meets thesius who helps him. meets melianger who helps him
cercopes and hercules. go
hanging upside down. laugh b/c of black bottomed man. zeus turns them to monkeys
story of herc centaur river and wife. go.
centaur says he wil help herc take his wife across the river. only to look back nd see the cent. and his wife doin it in the middle of the river. the centaur was the one he hit wit hthe poison arrow on one of the tasks
who is hercules really?
probably a real person who in legend became a god
who is hercules really?
probably a real person who in legend became a god
what is the significance of herc?
makes a muscle man nto an exemplar of patience and virtue. becomes an archetype. attractive to moralists and philosopers
story of erecthonius’s birth?
hephestus thinks athena is hot. chases her. she declines. H. makes erecthonias and gives him to athena. A puts him in a box and gives him away. the box is opened.
who is thesius’s dad?
what is erecthonis’s significance? what did he do?
founded Athens
thesius. where does he start his journey and where is he going?
troison-where his mom is princess to athens where his dad is
where is thesius popular? how many tasks did he have?
athens. 6-done on his way from troison to athens
what did thesius have that proved his identity?
a sword and sandals from under a rock
Thesius’s Tasks: 1: at epianarus
defeats club man – clubs him to death
Thesius’s Tasks: 2: at isthmus
pine bender. ties him to two bent trees and lets the trees go. dismembered.
Thesius’s Tasks: 3: at megara
kills a monster…whooo
Thesius’s Tasks: 4: through pass
schyron- asks people to wash feet and kicks them over a cliff to his pet turtle
Thesius’s Tasks: 5: at elusis
finds wrestler who kills his opponents – wrestles and kills him
Thesius’s Tasks: 6: Procrustes
one bed. stretches/cuts people to fit it
Thesius’s Tasks: last one
kills the bull of marathon – the one Herc let go
what is the connection between Minos/the bull
someone in athens kills Minos’s son. 7 girls and 7 boys from athens go to the Minotaurs labyrinth to be eaten each year as reparation
what is adrianes story?
minos’s daughter. gives thesius magic light branch to kill the minotaur aka her stepbro cause she thinks T is sexy. she goes home with T who forgets her on the island of Knoxos. dionyses sees her and marries her
thesius and his dads death. go.
says he will turn the sails white if he comes home alive as a sign to his dad. he forgets. his dad jumps to his death
thesius in hell. how did that happen?
him and a buddy were drinking. think persephone is hot and they try and go ‘get’ her. Hades has them sit in sticky chairs and theyre stuck. Hercules comes and frees thesius
who is the emblem of athenian democracy?
why does thesius get alot of undeserved attn. in ancient myth?
because he was important to athens – where 90% of greek artifacts come from
who are the argonauts? what kind of people are they?
sailors on the argos. they are heroes
who is Aeson?
a king. his son is Jason. he is dethroned by his stepson Pelias
who is pelias?
Jasons half brother that takes the throne of J’s dad
how does pelias know it is jason?
he is told to beware of the one shoed man. jason looses his shoe in a river while helping old lady hera cross
what is the end goal of Jasons quest?
to get the golden fleece
what are the three things that make the fleece difficult?
at the end of the earth. guarded by a dragon. sacred to ares
what is jasons task from the king and how does he overcome?
to plow a field sown with dragons teeth. from every dragons tooth a bunch of men would spring up and try to attack him.
medea gives him rocks. he throws a rock into the center of them and they turn and fight each other to the death.
who makes medea fall in love with jason?
aphrodite and athena
who is medea a priestess of?
why is there a fleet of ships following jasons ship going home?
because medea jumped onboard and the king assumed she was abducted
who is taius?
the robot that circles crete. they take out the plug that holds in his ichor, god blood, and he dies
how does medea kill the pelias?
she shows his daughters the old lamb that she makes a young lamb. she tells his daughters the recipe but leaves something out. king dies. they get run out of town.
where to jason and medea move to and become king and queen?
euripides jason and medea. when they come to corinth what happens?
jason and medea are taken in. the king likes jason and offers one of his daughters. jason takes her and dumps medea. medea sends wedding dress. bursts into flame – dad tries to save her and gets stuck. she kills the kids she had with jason and flies to athens.
what are the questions jason and medea bring to scholars?
is medea an antihero or a herois jason a hero or a coward?
what city do atreus and thyestes argue over who will rule?
how do atreus and thyestes decide who will rule mycine?
whoever gets the golden ram
atreus and thyestes. mycine. golden ram. whats the story?
they argue. pan gives atreus the ram and he rules.
T seduces A’s wife and steals the ram and becomes king.
A comes back and does the same and is king.
A invites T back to reconcile and gives T stew made out of his own children.
T leaves and talks to oracle – it tells him to sleep with his daughter
what does the oracle tell Thyestes and what is made when he obeys it?
he is told to sleep with his daughter
his daughter has a son – AGEISTHEIUS
agaminon and meneleius are the sons of who? and the agaminon becomes the king of where?
sons of Atreus
king of Mycene
where does Meneleus rule? who does he marry?
he rules in sparta
he marries helen
what is the twisted story of Agaminon and his family? (what happens when he comes home from troy?)
he picks up a lover from troy and brings her home
A’s wife has a lover as well – its ageistheius – A’s cousin
A’s wife tells him to take a bath and it kills him
Orestes – the son of A kills his uncle and mom to avenge his dad

sidenote: A kills his daughter while on the road. everyones dead but orestes

what is the illiad all about?
the rage of achilles
why is there a plague throughout the greek army in the trojan war?
because Agaminon spurned apollo
how does Agaminon spurn apollo on his way home from the trojan war?
one of apollos priests wanted his daughter back – she was taken by A as loot
he refuses to give her back
why is achilles right in his anger at agaminon? (what is he mad about)
because Agaminon wont give back the girl. selfish. jerk. everyone backs achilles up.
why does Zeus come into the trojan war?
Achilles prays to his mom thetis for help.
Thetis is an ex lover of zeus and asks him for help.
Zeus doesnt want to help because hera is on the greeks side but ends up helping anyway
what was achilles big choice? for his life
he could have a short life with glory. or a long life in obscurity
who is Petrocalas and what part does he play in the trojan war?
he is Achilles friend
he borrows achilles armor and gets killed by hector
this is why Achilles is so angry at hector
where does Achilles get his second set of armor after petrocalas dies?
he prays to thetis and hephestus makes him some
why is achilles mad when Apollo leads him away from the battlefield?
Achilles says hes been robbed of glory – losing moral ground
who are Priam and Hecabe?
the trojan king and queen
what is the oracle concerning Hektor and the trojan war?
when Hektor dies, Troy will fall
how does Hektor die? begin when he sees Achilles ‘blazing’ on the battlefield
he sees A blazing. he knows a god is with him. he runs. A follows. they run around troy 3 times. on the 4th Athena pretends to be H’s brother and tells him to fight. they do. H dies.
what is Hektors last request? and how is it answered?
Hektor wants his body to go back to his family and get a proper burial.
Achilles says no
what does Achilles to with Hektors body?
he straps it to his chariot and rides around Troy with it
why in the middle of the story of Achilles do people start to not like him?
because he lost moral ground with dragging Hektors body around.
the trojans are defending home and family
the greeks are out for loot
what is the story that redeems achilles? (with pelias)
pelias gets invisibility from hermes
goes into the greeks camp and begs Achilles for the body of his son Hektor
Achilles realizes that his dad will be in the same place soon
he has compassion on Pelias and gives him the body and holds of the greeks till he gets a proper burial
what is arite?
excellence. what defines ones life
what is a true hero according to homer in the story of achilles?
reconizng the worthiness/respecting ones opponent. living with excellence- arite
how does priam die?
he is clubbed to death with his grandson on an altar
what two gods does odysseus offend?
athena and posideon
what goddesses island does odysseus keep washing up on? the one who doesnt know when to let the guests go?
what island kingdom is the halfway point between mystical and real life for odysseus?
who is ieolas and who does he help?
king of the winds
he helps odysseus
what happens to odysseus at phacea?
odysseus is invited in as a guest
he disguises himself but the king figures out who he is when he cries at the feast when a song about him in war is sung
they say they will help him get home
and they play some track n field games
who are penelope and temeculus?
odysseu’s wife and son
what is xenos?
when two warriors are fighting and in the prefighting smack talking realize their grandfathers were friends or something
they hug and go find someone else to kill
what is the land of lotus?
where odysseus washes up
everyones stoned
who is polephemus?
the cyclops…everyone knows the story.
who are the trigonians?
try to kill and eat odysseys

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