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Where is Hesiod’s father from? In what place in the Greek lands does he settle?
Kyme in Aeolis, settled in Askra
Whom does Zeus send to tell Hades he must return Demeter’s daughter?
Who are the parents of Hermes?
zeus and maia
At the beginning of the poem, what kind of child/god does the poet say Hermes’ mother bore?
Who does Dionysos marry?
Ariadne (helps him escape labryinth with yard from minotaur)
What kind of girl should a man aim to marry?
virgin, 5 years past puberty
Aphrodite cites several deities who’ve slept with mortals. Which mortal does she say Zeus mated with? and Eos? What happened to these mortal loves?

Zeus mated with Ganymede

Eos mated with Tithonos

they were granted wishes and immortality

What are some characteristics or attributes of Apollon? What concerns him? What are his interests? How might you see him depicted in art?

patron god of music and poetry (carried lyre)

in art has laurel wreath, python, raven, bows and arrows

Why is it interesting that the poet calls the sea “wine dark” in reference to Dionysos?
symbolizes anger and wrath
Who/what are the first deities/elements to come into being in Hesiod’s account of the beginning of the world?
Chaos, Gaia (mother earth), Tartaros (underworld), Eros (exoctic desire)

  • is mother earth
  • one of the primordial forces


  • one of the two oracles (along with Helios) Demeter consults to find the location of her daughter
  • He is in the underworld.

Eris (Strife)

  • greek word

  • Strife is good and bad in works and days. Friendly competition is good, murder etc is bad.

Hesiod is from here. It;s a place
another name for Aphrodite


  • Persephone is the daughter, Zeus is the father.

  • Hades kidnaps Persephone, Demeter (mom);gets sad, consults Helios ; Hekate to find where her daughter went. Demeter ends up in Eleusis, becomes a nurse to blend in.

  • People piss her offf tells them to build a temple, etc. creates famine. Finally Zeus takes charge, sends Hermes (not iris) to tell Persephone to leave. She eats a pomegranate seed, has to live with Hades for 1/3 of year explains the seasons.

virgin goddess of the hearth and architecture

  • Husband of Aphrodite, son of Hera
  • God of blacksmithing
  • cripple, zeus threw him off the mountain

According to Hesio’ds Theogony what existed first?

  • In the beginning there was chaos.
  • He was among the primordial force
  • there was also gaia (mother earth)

Which myth demonstrates the phases of childhood initiation?


Io and Zeus
According to Freud, the stage that takes place in from 2 to 4 is?
Anal stage
Athena is goddess of war in what respect?
Hermes parents?
Zeus and Maia
which myth most exemplifies feminine guile?
Rhea and cronus
Who was the last of the gods to join the Greek Pantheon?
The three stages of coming of age
Separation, liminal zone, reintegration
Ancient pottery showing women dancing around the altar reflects what?
marriage, chastity, maiden ideology, liminality
In the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, lovely haired Leto has trouble finding a birth place forher twins. Which island finally takes her in?
According to the Odyssey, what is the earliest named constellation (book V)
How did zeus put an end to the succession crisis?
By swallowing Metis, his first wife.
zeus’s cupbearer?
Artemis’s Brauron was a what intended for whom?

loli sanctuary


Anatheke means?
to dedicate!
What are some epithets associated with Aphrodite?
laughter-loving, kytherian, golden, cyprian
Hesiod’s five ages?

Golden: Age of Cronus

Silver: Age of Zeus

Bronze: Men with war as passion

Heroic: Men lived with demigods and heroes and went to Elysium

Iron: Might makes right, Deny Xenia, misery

What is Euhemerism?
;treats mythological accounts as a reflection of historical events, or mythological characters as historical personages but which were shaped, exaggerated or altered by retelling
Plotinus defines myth as
a description of timeless realities in the form of temporal events
Which of the following characters is generally assocaited with the term Potnia Theron?
The judgement of Paris is often interpreted as what kind of allegory?
Moral Allegory
Which sumerian god is likened to Zeus from Greek mythology?
Most likely Teshub, who deposed his father Tiamat and is the god of thunder, sky, w.e
This historical figure was known for the breakthrough connections he made concerning ancient myths and their connection to Christianity. His greatest known work was the Golden Bough.
Sir James Frazer

Functions of Id, Ego, Super Ego

Id:“pleasure principle”

Ego:reality principle long term pleasure

Super Ego: conscience

Who is associated with the Ritual Theory of Myth?
Sir James Frazier
What kind of myth does the theogony serve as?
A Charter myth

What are some epithets for Athena?

For hermes?

Pallas, Virgin

Argeiphontes (Argus slayer)

Which god/goddes was the one born as a result of Zeus eating his/her mother?
Who kills Erechtheus and why?
Poseidon kills Erechtheus for murdering his son;Eumolpus
In the Kings of Athens who gets their tongue cut off?
What race of people did Apollo lead to Delphi to become his first priests?
In the Babylonia creating epic “Enuma Elish” who are the primeval parents of the gods and what were they sysmbols of?
Who is Ixion and what did he do?
He was the first recorded kin-slayer in greek myth. Zeus orders Hermes to bind him to a spinning wheel of fire. (sun?)
Who is Charon?
The ferryman to the underworld
Acheron is?
The river of hades; the river of pain; river in the underworld
The myth of er?
The myth of Er speaks of what happens in the afterlife


Believed in Transmigration of the souls; mathematics important
Worshipped by followers of Orphism; his death resulted in the creation of man, a mixture of good and bad
Eurydice and Orpheus
Trip to the underworld; plays lyre to try and bring her back
Afterlife where the heroic and good go to
Violated xenia and is punished by being forced to roll a boulder up the hill

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